Where to Buy Oolong Tea


Now that you know all the amazing health and weight loss benefits of oolong tea, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “Where can I buy oolong tea?”

Well don’t fret, because we’ve got your complete oolong buying guide right here. Read it, and start stocking up on fat-burning oolong for your home today!

Buying Oolong Tea: What to Look for


Oolong tea comes in all sorts of varieties and flavors. You can go for the plain kind, which can be amped up with a little honey, lemon, nectar or almond milk if you see fit, or you can try flavored oolongs, like jasmine or floral ones, for example.

The main key when getting oolong tea? Buy the quality kind. That means one without additives and sugars, and one that hasn’t been over-processed and manufactured. There should really only be one ingredient on the nutrition label (that’s oolong), but if others are there, make sure they’re organic and natural – not anything artificial.

If it doesn’t specifically say “organic,” you can probably assume it’s not, so steer clear! Chemicals and non-organic ingredients can mess up your hormones and make losing weight even more difficult in the long run.

Buying Oolong Tea: Where to Buy


So where can you buy oolong tea that’s high quality and able to deliver the best results? Well, your first option is to buy oolong tea online, at  This oolong tea comes from the highest quality leaves, and it’s made using only traditional, natural methods. There are no additives or chemicals, and it comes with no fats, no calories, no sodium and no sugar. It’s clean and healthy from top to bottom.

If you want to try oolong in small doses first, before buying a big batch, consider buying a few bags from your local health food store. You’ll typically find it in the section with other teas and natural beverages, and you should see a few options: Loose leaf oolong and oolong tea bags.

Unless you have a full tea set in which to brew the loose leaf tea, you’re probably better off choosing the bagged option. With this, you need only to boil some water, pour it into a cup, and steep one tea bag in for 3 to 5 minutes. You’ll have a healthy, hot drink in no time. Tea bags can usually be used one to two more times before they lose their efficacy.

Ready to Burn Fat with Oolong Tea?

Forget your morning coffee. That’s not helping you get healthy, lose weight or feel better about your body. Instead, drink just two cups of oolong tea daily, and watch the amazing results reveal themselves.

Click here to buy fat-busting oolong tea and start losing weight now. You’ll be glad you did.

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Written by Ingrid Macher

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