10 Amazing Oolong Tea Benefits


Oolong tea has been in use for ages – centuries, in fact. And though its unique and robust taste may have a little something to do with that, there’s a lot more to oolong than just its flavor profile.

Oolong tea is actually one of the healthiest, most powerful drinks around. Not only can it help you slim down and drop pounds, but it can benefit your body internally, too, improving your mental and emotional states from the inside out.

Have you ever tried oolong tea? If not, it’s high time you did. You’ll be amazed at the way it improves your health – from head to toe!

The Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

There are dozens of benefits that come with oolong tea, each one as important and life-changing as the next. Just a few cups a day, and you can boost your physical health, your mental well-being and so much more.

What are the benefits of oolong tea exactly? Let’s delve into that now:oolong-tea

  1. It removes free radicals – A huge oolong tea benefit is that it acts as an antioxidant, helping to rid your body of harmful free radicals. As free radicals are linked to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and even certain types of cancer, this can improve your health – and your life span – immensely.
  2. It makes your skin healthier – Another benefit of oolong tea is that it improves skin health. It actually evens out skin tone, wards off allergies, rashes and redness, and it can even alleviate skin conditions like eczema. Some say it even helps prevent wrinkles!
  3. It boosts weight loss – One of the most important oolong tea benefits? Weight loss is easier. Oolong tea benefits weight loss by increasing your metabolism, which speeds up the rate at which you burn calories. It also causes you to use up energy from the fat stores in your body – meaning you lose more, noticeable weight faster! If you’re already cutting calories and working out, oolong can only boost your weight loss further and speed up those results.
  4. It makes your bones stronger – Aside from the oolong tea weight loss benefits, this powerful drink can actually make your bones healthier and stronger, too. It can help prevent osteoporosis, bone fractures and more, and it can even help strengthen your teeth, too.
  5. It can help control diabetes – If you’re diabetic, this is one of the greatest benefits oolong tea has to offer you. Oolong tea is actually known to regulate the levels of blood sugar and insulin in your body, keeping them in check and preventing dangerous dips and spikes from occurring. This makes controlling and managing your condition significantly easier, especially when combined with the proper supplements and medications.
  6. It alleviates stress – Scientific studies have actually shown that oolong tea can reduce stress levels by 10 to 18 percent. The tea leaves release amino acids that help control stress responses in the brain, keeping your more at ease and anxiety-free – no matter what’s going on in your life.
  7. It boosts mental performance – Oolong tea contains caffeine, so like other caffeinated drinks, it can help improve focus, alertness and concentration. The best part? It doesn’t give you the jitters like coffee or energy drinks will. It’s just a natural, slow-growing alertness that keeps you going all day long.
  8. It helps with digestion – Oolong is actually a great digestive aid, too, alkalizing in your intestines to help reduce inflammation, acid reflux and even ulcers. It can also help clear out bacteria in your gut and, if consumed warm, soothe stomach cramps.
  9. It gives you better hair – This sounds like a minor benefit when compared with all the others, but thanks to its antioxidant content, oolong can actually soften your hair, make it stronger and thicken it. Who wouldn’t want that?
  10. It boosts your immune system – Do you get sick a lot? Oolong tea can help with that, too. It wards off bacteria and viruses, and it helps your immune system better fight infection and other illnesses. This is especially important as flu season quickly approaches!

The benefits of drinking oolong tea are many. All it takes is two to three cups of the stuff a day, and you can enjoy all oolong-tea3this and more. Just remember to consume it in the morning or early afternoon, though. Oolong tea does contain caffeine, and if drunk too late in the day, it could impact your sleep schedule and keep you up at night. Sleep is important to your health, too!

Change Your Life with Oolong Tea

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Written by Ingrid Macher

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