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The Healthiest Types Of Nuts


Whenever you read about diets and healthy nutrition plans, there is a reminder that not all fats are bad for you. We are told to eat oily fish at least twice a week, for instance, because that is filled with essential fats and oils. But we’re also told to eat lots of nuts, because they contain healthy fats and various other vitamins and minerals. But with hundreds of different nuts available on the market, which are the ones you should actually be eating?


Walnuts are known for their ability to fight inflammation. This is above and beyond their high concentration of antioxidants as these are found in all types of nuts. So, while all nuts help to fight premature aging, cancer and heart disease, walnuts do even more.

Researchers are convinced—more than ever before—about the nutritional benefits of walnuts when consumed in whole form, including the skin. We now know that approximately 90% of the phenols in walnuts are found in the skin.

Walnuts have very impressive cardiovascular benefits. They also help to fight metabolic syndrome and they help in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. They are also believed to fight certain forms of cancer, particularly prostate and breast cancer.


Almonds are particularly good for the overall health of your gut. They are filled with fibers, which are important for healthy digestion and bowel movements. Additionally, almonds help in fighting cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. While almonds are very high in fat, they are also high in nutrition.

Almonds are also high in phytic acid, a substance that binds certain minerals and prevents them from being absorbed. This means that the amount of iron, zinc and calcium you get from the almonds will be reduced somewhat.

Additionally, although almonds are high in calories, at least 10% of those calories do not get absorbed by the body. What does get absorbed is the goodness of the nut itself. This includes fiber, protein, fat, vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, riboflavin, and copper.


Cashew nuts are good for the brain. This is because they contain very high levels of both zinc and iron. This means that they make the blood stronger which, in turn, improves the body as a whole. Those who frequently suffer from anemia, for instance, are recommended to consumer an increased amount of cashews. Cashews, like almonds, are high in calories. But, once again, they give the body the opportunity to absorb all the goodness contained inside. One of the most notable things of cashews is that they specifically protect the eyes.

The nuts are also hold a small amount of zea-xanthin, an important pigment flavonoid antioxidant, which selectively absorbed into the retinal macula lutea in the eyes. It is thought to provide antioxidant and protective UV ray filtering functions and helps prevent age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) in the elderly.

Added to that, cashew nuts are filled with important monosaturated fats, which are the good fats. These help to reduce LDL levels and thereby lower cholesterol. They are also filled with a range of essential minerals, including selenium, copper and zinc. Finally, they are filled with various essential vitamins. These nuts are little powerhouses of health, in other words.

Many other nuts are very good for you. These include pecans, which are particularly good for protecting the arteries; Brazil nuts, proven to help fight various forms of cancer; macadamia nuts, which help lower bad fat levels; and pistachio, which is also the lowest in calorie of all types of nuts. Finally, there is the hazelnut. Traditionally used as coffee flavoring, it is actually a wonderful nut to just nibble on.

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Written by Ingrid Macher

Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Motivator - I have a passion for helping people change their lives. I started out helping my friends and now I give advice and tips to perfect strangers who have now become my friends. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change my life even if I could. This kind of happy is truly a gift and I’ll do whatever it takes to be able to give this gift to others.

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