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Why Developed Countries Are Developing More Cancer

Diet Change

The average North American eats over 130 pounds of sugar every year and consumes more than 60 pounds of sat-fat-laden beef, while the average American household has more television sets than people! No wonder 70 percent of North Americans are overweight or obese and cancer is the second leading cause of death. A massive new study published in JAMA Oncology online really brings that last point home!

It reveals that 62 percent of tracheal, bronchus and lung cancer cases worldwide happen in developed countries, as do 63 percent of breast cancer cases, 77 percent of stomach cancer, 86 percent of liver cancer, 85 percent of cervical cancer, 84 percent of esophageal cancer and 78 percent of leukemia.

Do you get the feeling a lifestyle driven by the convenience of fast foods and sitting behind the wheel of ahealthy v junk car or at a computer screen isn’t doing you any favors?

Well, it’s not! At least half of all cancers can be avoided if you maintain a healthy weight, get regular physical activity and (of course) don’t smoke. One study followed 500,000 Americans for over a decade and found that adopting such cancer-fighting strategies reduced the odds for colon cancer by up to 48 percent.

And if you’ve been making smart lifestyle choices and you are diagnosed with cancer (it can happen to even the most conscientious person), your chances for a good outcome skyrocket.

So don’t let the phrase “developed countries” mean that’s where folks develop cancer! Instead, develop a plan and follow it, to make your lifestyle a cancer-fighter.

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Written by Drs. Oz and Roizen

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