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Meet Arrowroot: A Powerful Ingredient to Include in Your Weight Loss Plan

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Never heard of arrowroot? Well, it’s time you had – especially if you’re looking to drop a few pounds before summer.

A powder taken from the root of a South American plant, arrowroot can actually boost weight loss results – especially when combined with a low-calorie diet and a regular workout routine.

Arrowroot also comes with a number of other benefits, too, and it can make you a healthier, more well person overall just by eating it.

How Arrowroot Helps Weight Lossarrowroots

Arrowroot is extremely low in calories (just 65 calories per serving), and it is fat free. That means you can easily substitute it for more caloric flours and thickeners to save on calories and more easily lose weight.

It’s also very filling, thanks to its very high fiber content. This means it takes your body longer to digest, and when you eat arrowroot powder or food with arrowroot flour in it, you’ll feel fuller longer. That also means few cravings later on, and less calories consumed throughout the day. These are both crucial to losing weight (and keeping it off.)

Arrowroot is also very nutritious – and keeping your body as healthy as possible is vital to the weight loss process. In just one serving of arrowroot, you’ll find niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, zinc and beta carotene. A good number of these vitamins and minerals are crucial to your body’s metabolism, which means the more you get, the better your body can break down fats and use food for energy.

It also has about 19 percent of your daily recommended protein. Protein is crucial if you’re working out as part of your weight loss regimen. It helps you build up muscles more easily, and it also helps your muscles recover faster after exercising.

Other Health Benefits of Arrowroot

On top of its amazing ability to boost weight loss results, arrowroot has dozens of other health benefits, too. For one, it can aid digestion and regulate your bowels. Thanks to its high starch content, it actually acts as a mild laxative and can alleviate irritable bowel syndrome. It’s also a great fix for diarrhea, nausea or other stomach-related issues.

Thanks to its high levels of potassium, arrowroot is great for your heart. Potassium is crucial to cell and body fluids, which regulate your heart rate and your blood pressure. Eat enough of it, and you can ward off high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other dangerous conditions.

Arrowroot is also widely used as an herbal remedy for skin problems. It can treat gangrene, skin infections, itchiness, rashes and even small pox. It’s also often used as a main ingredient in many talcum powders and moisturizers as a thickening agent, as it can make your skin look and feel smoother.

Arrowroot is known to have healing powers. Since it controls moisture, it can help treat athlete’s foot, and it can also be ground into a poultice to treat ulcers, wounds, sunburns and more.

Surprising Things About Arrowroot

There is more to arrowroot than weight loss and health benefits, though. There are also quite a few surprising uses for this unique starch. For one, it can actually be used as an antidote for many types of poison. It can also be applied to wounds and insect bites, and it can draw out poison from spider bites, scorpion stings and more.

Arrowroot is extremely beneficial to pregnant or nursing women, too. As you may know, folates are crucial to a long, healthy pregnancy. These prevent neural tube defects and other malformations in the child. Fortunately, arrowroot is chock full of these minerals. In fact, it offers up to 84 percent of the daily recommended value.

Arrowroot is gluten free, too, so whether you’re suffering from Celiac’s disease or you’re just going gluten-free for health reasons, arrowroot powder can make a great GF solution for at home cooking and meals.

Eating Arrowrootflour

The easiest way to eat arrowroot is via arrowroot flour, which can be found at most health food stores. This flour can then be used in baking breads and pastries or for thickening sauces, soups, gravies and stews.

You can also boil arrowroot, and it will turn into a thin jelly, or it can be eaten raw. But remember: the arrowroot is actually a root, so it is very fibrous. This can make it hard to chew and digest for many people.

Try Arrowroot Today

If you haven’t yet tried arrowroot, the time to start is now. Sub arrowroot flour in for wheat and enriched flours and start thickening your meals with arrowroot, rather than another, more caloric agent.

Have you ever tried arrowroot before? Share your experiences with me in the comments.

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Written by Ingrid Macher

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