This Delicious Herb is Crucial to Your Weight Loss


Most people think of parsley as a simple garnish. Fancy restaurants use it to pretty up their plates, and most of the time, you just end up pushing it to the side or throwing it away.

If this sounds like you, and you’re trying to lose weight, boy do I have news for you.

This is actually a huge mistake.

Parsley isn’t just a garnish there for looks and aesthetic value. In fact, it can actually help you lose weight more efficiently when eaten on a regular basis!

It sounds far-fetched, but I’m telling you the truth. Parsley can make a marked difference on your waistline.

So next time you see that little green decoration on your plate, don’t push it to the wayside. Eat it up or better yet, ask for seconds!

How Parsley Leads to Weight Lossparsley

While parsley isn’t a miracle cure and it won’t make you drop 30 pounds overnight, it does have many weight loss-stimulating properties that can help you slim down.

First and foremost, it’s extremely low-calories. You can eat cups and cups of this stuff, and never pack on a single pound. And when you’re trying to lose weight, isn’t that just about ideal?

Parsley is also full of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A, C, B-9 and iron, and it has many compounds that actually help rid your body of retained water. That means less bloating and a lower number on the scale overall. (Plus, you’ll feel much lighter and healthier!)

Another great way parsley can help you drop those pounds, is by improving your mood and fighting off depression. Studies actually show it indirectly prevents and reduces rates of depression in many people, and since depression, anxiety and poor mood are often reasons for weight gain, this can do wonders for people trying to lose weight.

There are other minor ways parsley can impact your waistline as well. It can act as a diuretic, improve your digestive system, and make ridding your body of waste and toxins easier, and it can also help balance your hormones, which are often the culprit behind hard-to-lose stores of fat.

More Benefits of Parsley

But weight loss isn’t the only thing parsley is good for. Parsley is also known to have dozens of other benefits to your health and well-being, and it’s been used for centuries in treating ailments, pain and other health conditions.

Just a few of the overall health benefits of parsley include:

  • It can strengthen teeth and bones – Because it high in vitamin C, parsley can strengthen your teeth and skeletal system.
  • It can keep your kidneys healthy – Parsley’s a natural diuretic, and it can do wonders for boosting kidney and urinary tract health. It even decreases the amount of salt your kidney and body tissues are forced to process, reducing stress and allowing them to work better.
  • It can boost your immune system – Thanks to its high levels of vitamin C and vitamin B12, as well as some fatty acids, parsley is actually great at improving your immune system and fighting off colds and flues.
  • You can use it to treat bug bites – Going camping? Bring along some parsley just in case. Just rub it on a scratch or bug bite, and it will immediately reduce any itching, swelling, redness or pain you may be experience.
  • It can treat gallstones – Parsley can help you pass or move gallstones more easily, and in some cases, it can even dissolve them altogether.
  • It can wake you up – Forget loading yourself up on caffeine. Next time you feel those eyelids drooping, reach for a cup of parsley tea. It will give you a gradual, natural energy boost that’s not loaded up with additives and preservatives.
  • It can lower cholesterol – When used in combination with certain medications, parsley can help lower your cholesterol and improve your overall circulatory health.
  • You can use it for ear infection – Is your child constantly getting ear infections? Give them a parsley1handful of parsley leaves, and watch the symptoms dissipate.
  • It can improve your blood – The high iron content in parsley makes it great for fighting off anemia, and it also has an effect on your blood vessels, which can prevent bruise or help them heal faster.
  • It’s an anti-bacterial – Parsley can actually fight off bacteria, including the type that cause bad breath and even baldness.
  • It can improve your sexual and reproductive health – Parsley is also known to be beneficial to your sexual and reproductive health, and it can even be used to treat menstrual disorders.

It seems there’s really nothing parsley can’t do, doesn’t it? If you’re trying to lose weight, get fit or just get healthy, working parsley into your diet is a crucial step.

Do you eat parsley often? If so, what are your favorite ways to eat it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Remember to share this article with all the people that you love, so that they can also benefit from this wonderful herb.

Together we can make this world a happier, healthier world!

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Written by Ingrid Macher

Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Motivator - I have a passion for helping people change their lives. I started out helping my friends and now I give advice and tips to perfect strangers who have now become my friends. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change my life even if I could. This kind of happy is truly a gift and I’ll do whatever it takes to be able to give this gift to others.

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