The Unknown Fat Burning Properties of Black Pepper

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Black pepper is a staple in any kitchen. You put it in a shaker, store it on your table, and add a few pinches to your meals whenever they need a little spicing up.

But that’s not all pepper is good for.

Black pepper comes with dozens and dozens of other advantages, too. It can improve your health, it can fight off colds and flus, and it can even reduce cancer your cancer risk.

On top of all this, pepper is also known to boost weight loss results as well!

It may seem crazy, but I’m telling the truth. Just a little bit of pepper a day can actually help you slim down, lose weight and look great.

Who knew?

How Pepper Leads to Weight Lossblack pepper 3

Now, if you’ve been using pepper all your life, you’re probably finding this new revelation a little hard to believe.

Pepper can really help you lose weight? Why didn’t you know this before?

I feel you. When I first found out, I was surprised too.

To help you understand a little better, let’s look into the science behind pepper’s fat burning qualities now.

  • Genetic interference – Black pepper contains piperine, a naturally occurring chemical compound. This is what’s responsible for its strong flavor, and it also plays a major role in pepper’s ability to boost weight loss. In fact, according to several studies, piperine was shown to actually interfere with genes in the body – genes that control the actual generation of fat cells. That means the more piperine in your body, the fewer fat cells you’ll produce!
  • Nutrient absorption – In additional to interfering with fat-producing genes, piperine also reduces fat levels in the blood stream, which allows you to better absorb the nutrients and minerals from the food you consume.
  • Digestion – Piperine also encourages the stomach to produce more hydrochloric acid, a substance crucial to digesting proteins and foods in the stomach and keeping the digestive tract clean and clear. Without this acid, you can get constipated, bloated or suffer from gas, all of which can mean a higher number on the scale.
  • Break-down of fat cells – In addition to its high piperine content, black pepper also contains phytonutrients in its outer layer. These stimulate the break-down of fat cells in the body, and keep you from gaining weight.
  • Detoxification – Pepper is a natural diuretic herb. That means it promotes urination and perspiration, and helps rid your body of toxins. These are crucial functions if you want to lose weight and slim down.
  • Metabolism improvement – Many consider pepper to be thermogenic, meaning it boosts the body’s metabolism and burns more calories. Some studies have even shown spicy and pepper-y foods to cause an 8-percent jump in metabolism – an increase that last for many hours after eating.
  • Anti-depressant – Pepper acts as a natural anti-depressant, increasing mood, treating anxiety and improving brain function. As depression and anxiety often lead to weight gain, this can mean better weight loss results in many people.

But these aren’t the only ways pepper can aide your body. In fact, aside from its ability to boost weight loss, black pepper also comes with a whole slew of other health benefits, too. A University of Michigan study even found that pepper prevents the development of breast cancer, and other studies have shown it can slow the growth of skin cancers, bowel cancers and colon cancers as well.

On a more minor note, pepper can also clear up your skin, treat dandruff, relieve coughs, loosen phlegm, alleviate arthritis pains and clear up stuffy noses. It’s a pretty amazing food that does a whole lot more than just spice up your dinners!

Consuming Pepperblack pepper 2

Though you can certainly just add pepper to your meals and dishes as always, there are a few ways you can take pepper that actually boost its fat-burning qualities.

The best one is a pepper and lemon juice drink. It gives you all the great benefits of pepper, while also adding in the digestive benefits of the lemon. To make it, all you need is a half-teaspoon of pepper, two cups of water and the freshly squeezed juice from one lemon. Mix it all together, drink it up, and you’ll be burning calories in no time. Try to have at least one cup a day if you can stomach it.

If you’re opting to just add pepper to your existing dishes, make sure you do so after you’ve cooked the food. Adding it before can eliminate some of the health benefits of the spice.

How often do you eat pepper? If you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to consider increasing your intake. It boosts your results and help you lose more pounds in the long run.

Have questions? Know of some great pepper-filled recipes? Share with me in the comments!


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Written by Ingrid Macher

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