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This is how Persimmons can help you lose weight


If you head to the grocery store, you’ll see any number of pills, drinks and food items, all designed to help you lose weight and slim down. And while maybe – just maybe – a few of them could be somewhat effective, the truth is you’re better off sticking to whole, natural foods that are safe for your body and guaranteed to work.

One such food?

The persimmon.

Persimmons are small orange and yellow fruit, somewhat resembling an unripe tomato. They’re chock full of vitamins and minerals, and they’re delicious, too. They have a sweet, light flavor that goes well with just about everything.

But aside from all that, the persimmon is also known to aid in weight loss.

Yep, I said it: eating a persimmon could actually help you lose weight.

Want to Lose Weight? Try a Persimmonpersimmon1

If you’ve been yo-yo dieting, trying out every workout trend and fad, or just struggling to shed some pounds, then you may want to consider eating persimmons as a part of your daily routine.

Here are just a few of the ways persimmons can help you slim down and drop those pounds:

  • They’re loaded with fiber – Persimmons are loaded with 6 grams of fiber each – nearly 25 percent of your entire daily recommended value! Fiber helps keep your digestive system working properly, so you can flush out those toxins and waste, and it digests slowly, so you feel fuller longer (and therefore eat fewer calories!)
  • They can flatten your tummy – Feeling bloating, constipated or just not your best in the stomach department? Grab a persimmon. Persimmons have long been known to soothe stomach issues, and they can combat bloating, digestive problems and more.
  • They stave off food cravings – Since persimmons have lots of fiber and pectin – an enzyme that regulates blood sugar levels – they’re also able to help keep your blood sugar in check. This prevents those highs and lows that lead to unhealthy cravings later on in the day.
  • They’re full of nutrients – A big part of losing weight is fueling your body with the minerals and nutrients it needs. Persimmons can help you do just that. They offer significant amounts of manganese, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B6 and even folate. Best of all, they’re low-calorie, so they’re easily burned off with your daily activities.
  • They’re full of water – Persimmons are about 80 percent water, so they’re very hydrating to eat. This is easily important when you’re trying to lose weight, as it keeps your metabolism it its best. Water also helps you flush out toxins, and it helps replenish your body’s fluids after a good workout.

But weight loss isn’t the only health issue persimmons can help with. In fact, they offer a whole slew of other amazing benefits that anyone can enjoy. They can protect your eyes from cataracts, prevent premature aging of the skin, boost your immune system, improve heart health and blood pressure, and even fight off cancer.

How to Eat Persimmonspersimmon

Now, eating persimmons isn’t as simple as picking one up and just taking a bite. You want to be careful to choose a ripe persimmon first – one that has reached its proper color and size. If you choose an unripe persimmon, you’ll be surprised with a very biting and astringent taste.

To choose the right persimmon, first know what type you’re looking at. Fuyu persimmons are short, firm and a bright yellow color. Hachiya persimmons are shaped more like a peach, and they’re soft and a deep reddish orange.

You’ll then want to wash the persimmon, and cut off the leaves and stems. If you’re eating a Fuyu persimmon, you can chop it or slice it (with the skin on) and eat it as is. If you’ve got a Hachiya one, you’ll want to make sure it’s fully chilled, and then scoop it out with a spoon or fork. The skin isn’t so tasty on these guys.

Hachiya persimmons tend to be a little sweeter and softer, so they’re great in jams, chutneys, or even in a dessert or baked good. Fuyus, on the other hand, are firmer, so they’re great in salads, in salsas or on top of a great bowl of oats for breakfast.

Give Persimmons a Whirl

Persimmons tend to be more readily available in the fall months, but if you head to a farmer’s market or health food store, you may be able to find some year-round in your town.

If you’re looking to lose weight or slim down in 2015, why not give some a try? They can boost your weight loss efforts, and they’ll improve your health in a number of other arenas, too.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Have you ever tried persimmons before? Got some great persimmons recipes on hand? Share them with me in the comments!


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Written by Ingrid Macher

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