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Discover how potassium can help you lose weight and become healthy


Potassium is a major electrolyte present in every single cell of our body- that should tell you how significant this mineral is to us. Maintaining fluid balance, blood pressure, nerve function, brain function and muscle control are just some of the ways potassium is useful to us.

When it comes to weight loss, potassium can indirectly impact your efforts, and a lack of it will set you back. It is beets2indispensable for the proper working of our metabolism. Below, you will find 5 ways this mineral can help you achieve your weight loss goals and increase your over health:-

  1. Water weight loss– A lack of potassium can make our body hold onto water, resulting in weight gain, swelling or other medical conditions. Potassium keeps our electrolyte levels balanced, which is crucial to maintaining a healthy level of water and to ensure that it gets distributes throughout our tissues evenly. Along with that, it aids kidneys in flushing out toxins, which also includes excess salt and water.
  1. Strong muscles– A lack of potassium can result in a condition called Hypokalemia, which can cause muscle weakness, cramping, muscle pain and more. Not enough potassium can result in soft and flat muscles. To get toned, you need potassium in your body. Also, remember that good quality muscles are ingrained to burn more calories. Potassium not only provides you with enough energy for stronger muscles, but it also indirectly encourages greater calorie metabolism.
  1. Stabilizes blood pressure- Potassium helps control blood pressure by improving the functioning of our kidneys, reducing blood clots and by relieving the tension in our blood vessels, causing it to open up more. This further reduces hypertension and other heart diseases. Potassium helps lessen the effects of sodium, which the western diet has an abundance of. It is shown that when potassium is present in the vascular blood, it causes an increase in the blood flow. By keeping the blood flow running smoothly, it keeps your body well oxygenated which is very important during a strenuous workout routine.
  1. Keeps metabolism high- Potassium is crucial for the metabolism of several nutrients such as carbohydrates carrotsand fat. It is also important for the absorption of energy from these nutrients. Furthermore, potassium plays an important role in the production of proteins, cell growth, and keeping our metabolism balanced.
  1. A lack can cause Anxiety and other psychological ailments- A relationship exists between low potassium and certain mood conditions like anxiety, anger, depression and irritability. It can also cause insomnia and constipation. Cognitive activities such as learning, memorizing and recalling also needs potassium. A lack of it will leave you feeling lethargic and stressed. At this state it is really hard to have the willpower or energy to eat clean or complete a workout, which will eventually lead to weight gain.

Natural potassium sources

Nature has provided us with many foods highly infused with this potent mineral. Some of this includes sweet potatoes, tomato sauce, beet greens, beans, clams, prunes, carrot juice, molasses, halibut, tuna, cod, rainbow trout, and off course the most well-known potassium source of them all…bananas.

If you are a regular fast food and junk food eater, then there is a high chance that you are potassium deficient. In which case, it is highly recommended that you add the above mentioned food to your diet to get over that state of mental and physical fatigue. Other than obesity, a lack of this mineral may also result in rheumatoid arthritis, kidney stones and many serious heart conditions.

The recommended daily intake of potassium is 4,700 mg. But note that for the best results, it is vital to keep the levels of calcium and magnesium up as well, because they work with potassium interdependently.

Weight loss occurs when you nourish your body with all the important vitamins and minerals it needs. Potassium is one of the key players that facilitates all our bodily functions. Even after eating high potassium food, if you still think you are deficient, please consult with your doctor. It is the third most found mineral in our body, which should solidify its importance for the optimal functioning of our system.

In the comments below, please state what your favorite potassium source is.

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Written by Ingrid Macher

Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Motivator - I have a passion for helping people change their lives. I started out helping my friends and now I give advice and tips to perfect strangers who have now become my friends. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change my life even if I could. This kind of happy is truly a gift and I’ll do whatever it takes to be able to give this gift to others.

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