Discover the 5 Mistakes That Are Preventing You from Losing Weight


Weight loss is a science. When done wrong this process can take years. When done right, you can shorten your weight loss journey by months. Below you will find 5 mistakes that are keeping many of us from getting the shredded hot body that we are trying to achieve.

See if you are guilty of committing any of them:

1. You are relying too much on Cardio

Spending an hour walking at a steady pace on a treadmill is not going to do much. It is important to switch it up and keep your body guessing. When you initially start a workout, you might see results but after repeating the routine regularly, the results starts to become insignificant. That is because your body got used to (became resistant to) the exercise routine. It is important to challenge your body with new exercises continuously. This will keep weight loss plateaus at bay. Switch up between strength training, core strengthening exercises and high intensity interval training.

2. You are trying to spot reduce

The concept of spot reduction…which is the idea that you can specifically lose weight from specific parts of the body by training that muscle group… is a myth. One reason being that exercises such as crunches or sit ups aimed towards getting you rock hard abs, don’t really burn much calories. When you are not burning calories, you aren’t losing fat. Rather than doing an incessant amount of crunches, running is a more effective way of getting rid of those love handles. To get those beautiful triceps and abs showing, you need to get rid of that flab of fat hiding it, which can only be done through weight training or a rigorous total body workout.

3. You are afraid of lifting weights

The notion that lifting weights make you bulky has polluted the minds of many women. It is a myth that has dumbbellsprevented ladies from reaching their strongest physical self. It poses a catch 22 because, in most cases, the ideal body type that most women strive for cannot be reached without some form of weight training.
Contrary to what women think, lifting weights will not give you huge bulging muscles and transform you into a she-man. One of the main hormones needed for muscle hypertrophy in both males and females is testosterone. Testosterone aids muscle growth by stimulating the synthesis of protein. Although predominately a male hormone, testosterone is also found in females in small quantities. It is produced by testes in males, and ovaries in females. The adrenal gland also produces small quantities of testosterone in both sexes.
Females have one tenth of the amount of testosterone as male. Without the use of anabolic steroid injections, it is highly unlikely for women to “hulk up” with the low amount of testosterone they have. In women, lifting weight will add definition and strength to your body.
Research has shown that integrating weight training into their workout plan will help females burn more fat. Yet many avoid weight rooms and instead spend hours doing cardio. According to Wayne Westcott, PhD, women who don’t strength train lose 5 pounds of muscle mass every decade. This results in a lower metabolism and higher fat content. On other hand, women who do weight train, lose almost twice the amount of fat as they gain muscle. Also, an increase in lean muscles also increases your basal metabolism rate which means you will still be burning calories long after your workout.

4. You eat too much carb

Carb coma is not the only thing you have to worry about if your diet mainly consists of breads, pasta and other breadcarbohydrate enriched foods. Carbohydrates causes our blood sugar to rise and fall rapidly, making us hungry more frequently. Just a short period after eating a carb rich meal, the blood glucose level in our bloodstream increases fast, which also causes our pancreas to produce more insulin to eliminate the extra glucose. Some of the glucose gets converted into glycogen and is stored in our muscles and liver. But the majority of the glucose gets stored as body fat. Once insulin stacks away all the glucose, your blood glucose level starts running low you feel hungry again, and the whole process repeats itself over again…continuing to make you fatter.
Instead of carbs, include healthy fat and protein to your diet. This will make you feel satiated and prevent rapid fluctuations of the blood glucose level. Once you start feeding your body with healthy fat, rather than using glycogen, it will start to utilize stored fat as its energy source.

5. You skip breakfast

Breakfast is the meal with which you break the fast of 7-10 hours of not eating. Research shows that skipping breakfast can cause your brain to crave high caloric foods. When you don’t nourish your body with food in the morning, you will remain hungry till lunch which means that the chances of you overeating at lunch is very high.

If you are looking to lose weight, please don’t go long periods of time without nourishing your body.

Other than the ones mentioned above, one of the main mistakes women make with weight loss is setting unrealistic expectations. Not having patience is what takes many of us from one fad diet to another. Remember that a masterpiece takes time to be created. Your body is a masterpiece, and it is going to take time to be sculpted into the form you want. Rather than judge by a number on the scale, see how you feel and how much better your dress fits at the end of every week or two; and don’t give up. With the right workout and a healthy diet, there is absolutely no way you are going to gain even more weight.

In the comments below, please tell us: Have you ever made any mistakes mentioned in this article above?

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Written by Ingrid Macher

Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Motivator - I have a passion for helping people change their lives. I started out helping my friends and now I give advice and tips to perfect strangers who have now become my friends. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change my life even if I could. This kind of happy is truly a gift and I’ll do whatever it takes to be able to give this gift to others.

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