Breakfasts To Keep You Fueled And Fit


Breakfast has always been dubbed the most important meal of the day, and yet so many Americans skip it, or they eat something fast and fatty in an effort to save time. Making an effort to incorporate healthy choices into your morning routine can stop cravings, keep you fuller for longer, and even assist in your weight loss plan. You can also combine exercise with your nutritious meal planning to keep the weight off and create a healthy lifestyle. For 3options that can help in your endeavor to trim your waistline, read on below.

Incorporate More Oat Bran Into Your Morning Meal

Bran muffins, bran cereal, and bran bread are known to be healthier choices than many other wheat based products, but many people avoid them because of the unattractive connotations that are associated with them. Eating oat bran can keep you fuller for a longer time due to the high amount of natural fiber. A study that was conducted regarding bran found that high fiber meals keep you from having cravings throughout the day.

Eat Your Protein Earlyeggs-brown

Another way that you can keep cravings at bay is my eating more protein first thing in the morning. Many people skip protein and stick to carbohydrates, but proteins are easier to burn off when eaten during your most active period of the day, and they produce a natural signaler in your body called peptide YY which make you feel more full. Brierley Wright of Eating Well says:

Compared to carbohydrates and fat, protein keeps you satisfied longer. Plus, in one study, dieters who ate eggs for breakfast felt fuller longer and lost more than twice as much weight as those who got the same amount of calories from a bagel for breakfast.

If you don’t have time to make eggs in the morning you can eat protein bars or shakes to include more protein in your morning meal.

Raspberries First Thing

Finally, believe it or not, raspberries are loaded with fiber; in fact, one cup can give you 8 grams of fiber, which can prevent weight gain and retain the feeling of fullness that you have after a full meal. A research publication on a two year study of dietary fiber in the Journal of Nutrition showed that eating more fiber by roughly 8 grams per day can result in a weight loss of 4 to 5 pounds. If you’re unsure how to get these red berries into your breakfast try mixing raspberries in Greek yogurt, add them to cereal, or eat them on their own.

Selecting meals that suit your lifestyle, but also benefit your health can help you with your long term weight loss goal. There are additional health benefits that you can look forward to as your breakfasts improve as well, such as more energy, greater productivity at work and in your home life, and even better skin.

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Written by Ingrid Macher

Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Motivator - I have a passion for helping people change their lives. I started out helping my friends and now I give advice and tips to perfect strangers who have now become my friends. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change my life even if I could. This kind of happy is truly a gift and I’ll do whatever it takes to be able to give this gift to others.

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