Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Ultimate Review


The weight loss community has been hit with yet another fat blasting product. This time it’s called the green coffee bean extract. It has made an appearance on the Dr. Oz show, hence garnering many curious eyeballs. How effective is the Green coffee bean extract when it comes to weight loss, and what exactly is the science behind its workings?

Let’s take an in depth look to see if it’s worth your time and money.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: What is it?

Green coffee beans are unroasted seeds safely housed inside red colored berries called the Coffea fruit. It is only when these seeds get roasted and ground that you actually smell that aromatic scent every coffee craver loves. When left unroasted, and soaked in water, they can be concentrated down to form the extract.

What is so special about this extract?

Why not just drink coffee? This is the question a lot of people seem to ask. When coffee is roasted and brewed, the coffee9level of the main component that is actually being credited for its weight loss inducing properties- chlorogenic acid – decreases.

Chlorogenic acid is said the aid weight loss by blocking the storage of fat, suppressing carbohydrate absorption and regulating our blood sugar level after meal. This is what the efficacy of green coffee bean is based upon.

What does the research say?

Dr Oz based his accolades towards this product on an experiment that was conducted on 16 overweight adults who were either given 1050 mg of GCA, 700 mg of GCA or placebo, in a 6 week long study. The results showed that the overweight participants on average lost 18 pounds.

In fact, when people pointed out how this “staggering weight loss” was observed in a study with a sample size of meagre 16 participants, how it was funded by a manufacturer of green coffee bean extract, and how there were several holes in structure of the study itself, Dr. Oz went on to carry out his own experiment.

His study participants included 100 overweight women (participants from his own studio audience) aged between 35-49, with BMI ranging from 25-45. The participants were either given a placebo or a 400 mg capsule of green coffee extract, thrice a day. They were not asked to change their diet. The participants were then weighed at the end of two weeks. The results showed that the women who took the green coffee been extract had lost an average of 2 pounds, while the placebo group had only lost an average of 1 pound.

Not many studies have been done to confirm these results. 2 pounds versus 1 pound is not that significant of a difference.

Is it worth shilling out your money?

The answer is no. The research is just not convincing enough at this point as far as attesting to its efficacy goes.This supplement lacks sufficient plausibility in its claim. If you do decide to test out this product, please opt for a brand coffee-roastthat is reputable and not filled with low quality ingredients. It is always safe to consult with a doctor. You can even make your own green coffee bean extract easily.

But if you are looking for a weight loss miracle pill, this isn’t it. We all secretly know the only thing that can help us lose weight and that is a healthy diet and exercise. Being overweight is a serious condition and its solution is not playing with “easy miracles”. Going from diet to diet, and pill to pill can make your already weak system weaker. It will mess up your metabolism.

Instead, take the charge back in your own hands. The true power of making a difference lies within you, and you know that. All that’s left is accepting that as the statement of truth.

A healthy diet and a good physical workout is the foolproof way to lose weight. If you would like to get a jumpstart, please download my free ebook “New body jump start” by clicking here.

The only thing that’s constant besides change is the incessant births of the next weight loss diet claiming to buy you the world. Stop gambling with your health. Always keep a skeptical mind and do not let your emotions make the decision for you when attacked by the next fad diet.

Click here to download my free ebook “New body jump start”. Chances are, you might lose way more than 2 pounds in 2 weeks.


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Written by Ingrid Macher

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