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8 Reasons to Add Wheatgrass Juice in Your Diet

Wheatgrass Juice With Sprouted Wheat

Wheatgrass is a green super food that is highly valued in the health community. In fact, some call it the nectar of Gods. When wheat berries are planted, they gives rise to young shoots that look like grass. These green shoots, known as wheatgrass, are said to contain very beneficial nutrients. It is often eaten raw, but most people prefer to extract its nutrients through juicing.

Since it is so easy to grow your own, every single one of you should juice your very own wheatgrass at home. It is inexpensive in price, and very powerful when it comes to its health benefits.

8 Benefits of Wheatgrass That Everyone Should You About

  1. Hippocrate Institute, a world leading natural and complementary health care facility, states that wheatgrass is very similar to human blood. It contains chlorophyll that is comparable to our hemoglobin, an iron containing compound whose function is to transport oxygen through blood. They state that because chlorophyll is fat soluble, it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the lymphatic system. In humans, chlorophyll is used just like hemoglobin. It helps transport nutrients to every cell.
  1. A small study done in 2002, found that wheat grass juice was effective in treating ulcerative colitis, which is a Green Organic Wheat Grass Juice ready to drinkchronic inflammatory disease of the colon. Wheatgrass is known as the king of alkaline foods because of its powerful alkalizing effect. It brings the body’s pH level to a balance, and hence has been proposed to be effective treatment against many gastrointestinal problems.
  1. Wheatgrass is an herb with very potent detoxifying properties. It stimulates and detoxifies the liver and blood. It helps eliminate toxins and neutralize chemically active pollutants. It is filled with amino acids and enzymes that protects our body from carcinogens, while promoting the optimum functioning of the organs and cells.
  1. Wheatgrass is richly dense in enzymes, some of which includes Lipase, Amylase, Peroxidase, Protease, Cytochrome Oxidase and Transhydrogenase. These enzymes help you lose weight and also strengthen our body’s immune system and healing mechanism. Even though there are many enzymes naturally found in our body, exogenous enzymes provided from an outside source will help them carry out its function more effectively. To avoiding destroying the enzymes found in wheatgrass, it is strongly recommended that you avoid cooking them.
  1. As you know, oxygen is critical to our basic survival. Wheatgrass juice consists of liquid oxygen which promotes clearer thinking, stimulates our digestive process, and protects us against anaerobic bacteria through protective oxygenation of blood. Nourishing every single cell of our body. Wheatgrass dilates our blood vessels so that oxygen can flow through them more efficiently. Science shows that cancer cells cannot thrive when there is oxygen. This might point to its anti-cancer properties.
  1. Wheatgrass can help heal the liver. Liver is known to be the main detoxification organ of our body. It takes part in more than 500 different processes in our body. Its health is constantly under threat because of dangerous microbes, toxins and through fat degeneration. Wheatgrass contains- Choline, Magnesium and Potassium– three compounds that heals the liver while making it stronger. Choline blocks the fat from being deposited in the liver. Magnesium removes excess fat already stored in the liver, and potassium heals the liver back to health and stimulates its functioning.Wheatgrass Juice With Sprouted Wheat And Wheat
  1. Wheatgrass eliminates bad breath and body odor. It contains chlorophyll which is known to have deodorizing properties. Since chlorophyll contains oxygen producing compounds, it kills the odor producing bacteria that thrives in the absence of air. It eliminates the odor in food, tobacco and alcohol. It neutralizes body odor resulting from sweating, menstruation, urine and stools.
  1. Wheatgrass can double the count of your red blood cells. According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, a world renowned nutrition expert, he was able to double the RBC level of his patients within just a few days by simply asking them to soak their body in a chlorophyll infused water bath. In fact, in a small study with 32 Thalassemia patients, they found that 50% of the patients required less blood transfusions when they consumed 100 ml of wheatgrass shots every day.

After knowing these benefits, there is no reason why wheatgrass shouldn’t be in your diet. Its taste might be a little strong, so it does take a little getting used to but, trust me, its amazing benefits are strong enough to motivate you to keep drinking it.

In the comments below, please share if you ever have had wheatgrass juice before.

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Written by Ingrid Macher

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