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Getting To The Root Causes Of Weight Gain For Some


It can be very frustrating to see people who can eat whatever they want, do whatever they choose (or not), and still not have any fear of facing the scale. They mysteriously seem to stay thin and trim with little or no effort at all. It may seem to you to be an unfair and unjust world that we live in. However, statistics are gradually showing that the numbers of those who seem to have an automatic weight control adjustment in their bodies is growing smaller by the day. Recent studies have shown that today, a full one-third of the American population has now become overweight and a large number of those people have ventured off into the obesity range. According to a recent report released by Maggie Fox of NBC News,

Even though the United States accounts for just 5 percent of the world’s total population, Americans make up 13% of the global overweight and obese population.

With 160 million Americans dealing with weight issues it is clear that we are facing an epidemic. The challenge of overcoming weight issues can easily become even more of a challenge for women as their bodies are naturally designed to hold onto fat more than men. So, if you’ve fallen into one of those hard to bear statistics you might be discovering that shedding weight is not within your reach. If you’ve tried repeatedly to lose weight and have been unsuccessful your tendency may be to give up, you’re facing a losing battle.

The Actual Problem

Over the years, you’ve probably lost weight and then regained it again and again. The problem that most women face has little to do with losing weight but with keeping it off. If the total amount of weight loss could be calculated over the years, you’ll probably find that you’ve lost more than your total body weight over the course of your life only to find that you’re not keeping it off because it just returned and sometimes even more. For those who are looking for successful and lasting weight loss they must focus on a lifestyle change in order to maintain it. Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP for Women to Women explains,

We are putting ourselves through hell to get nowhere. I’ve seen women willing to sacrifice just about anything to lose weight, even their health and well-being.

The problem is that most of us are facing something called as weight loss resistance that is a direct result of system thyroid-4imbalances in the body. These could be caused by hormonal, adrenal, thyroid, or neurotransmitter imbalances that will need to be addressed before you will be able to see any lasting results.

The Key Word

The key word in any weight loss program has to be “balance.” True you need to concentrate on the ‘calories in and calories out’ rule. Taking in fewer calories than you can burn in a day should inevitably cause you to lose weight. However, if any of these systems are out of whack it is going to create a resistance to this natural process. It can be likened to putting good fuel into a car that hasn’t had a regular tune-up. The car will burn more fuel than it should and will not travel very far before it gives out. If you continue to fail to make the adjustments then it will eventually break down completely.

If you’re dealing with any type of weight loss resistance it is important that you find out just which of your body’s systems are out of balance. Once you take active steps to readjust those systems you’ll be able to lose weight in a more natural way without having to take risks with wild and dangerous dieting habits.

Getting the Right Fuel

You also need to understand the importance of the right fuel for your body. It is not just a matter of choosing the right amount of calories but the quality of the calories you take in should be a vital consideration. The calories in-calories out rule is not a one size fits all solution for everyone. Many people have a number of sensitivities and allergies that may also cause our bodies to react in very different ways to food.

If you have a gluten sensitivity, for example, you may be able to consume foods containing gluten but your body will react to it in an entirely different way from those without the sensitivity. Your body may experience a certain amount of inflammation or water retention instead. In order to have effective weight loss you need to ascertain the right types of foods your body needs. Not all diet and nutrition plans will work for everyone.

If you have a sensitivity to food and are unaware of it, you can be as diligent as possible and you will not be able to shed those excess pounds no matter what you do.

How to Know If You Have a Food Sensitivity

It is not always easy to determine if your weight can be attributed to a food allergy or sensitivity. Quite often, the reactions are very subtle and hard to detect. For example, if you have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity you’re probably consuming gluten on a regular basis and not noticing the effects, and so you don’t make the connection. Most people will find gluten in their diet during breakfast, lunch, and dinner; even many snacks contain gluten, so when you’re faced with excess bloating, weight gain, and inflammation the connection may not be so obvious. This problem was pointed out by physician Mark Hyman to the Huffington Post,

The problem is that most people, eat foods they are allergic to several times a day. Meaning every time that food enters the body, the immune system whips itself into a frenzy. But because symptoms are delayed up to 72 hours after eating, a low-grade food allergy can be hard to spot.

Experts recommend that you if suspect you have a food allergy, sensitivity, or intolerance you have to find out for sure before you start any diet or nutrition plan. Identifying and treating these reactions to food in your body is a major part of your weight loss efforts.

If you’re struggling with one diet or fitness program after another and are not seeing the results you should seriously consider finding the hidden problems that may be lurking inside your body. Once you know what you’re fighting against it will be much easier to find a weight loss plan that will yield you the results you’ve been working so hard for.

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Written by Ingrid Macher

Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Motivator - I have a passion for helping people change their lives. I started out helping my friends and now I give advice and tips to perfect strangers who have now become my friends. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change my life even if I could. This kind of happy is truly a gift and I’ll do whatever it takes to be able to give this gift to others.

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